PVC / PET shrink sleeve

PVC / PET彩色印刷收縮標籤

PVC/PET heat shrink label suitable for use in the product’s packaging needs of various industries particularly for all kinds special or odd shaped products.

It is compatible with automatic shrink pack machine. Shrink sleeves can either be applied onto the containers manually by hand (pre-cut) or automatic applicator machine (rollstock) then passing through heat tunnel, where it shrinks takes the shape of the container. Increase the visual appeal of a product over the counter, with bright and high-class and valuable sense.

Complete printing with beautiful contents to increase the packing effect. Widely used in the packaging of foodstuff, beverages, carbonated drink, can, dairy, pharmaceuticals , stationery, cosmetics, CDs, shampoo, food oil…etc.



OPP wrap around film


No shrinkage, only valid for flat serface containers. It’s the cost-effective option, often used for milk, mineral water.


PVC/PET shrink tubing rollstock / Tamper evident shrink bands

PVC/PET 套管/切片

A) Tubular form, clear or color extruded

B) Cut bands / Tamper evident bands

It can be manually or automatically applied by simple heat tunnel.

Application for Jar, beverage bottle, wine bottle, chemical stuff, cosmetics etc.

Identify the opening of containers, prevent packed bottles opened, the best guarantee of safety and quality. Go with or without pull tab (perforations or easy-tear lines) for easy pull and tear are available at request in vertical or horizontal lines.



PVC/PET perform


This is ready formed band, to place over the cover and neck of container or jar, then go through a heat shrink tunnel as the complete seal. Fully customizable shape and size. Vertical or horizontal perforations can be added enable the band easier removed. Preform is available in clear, colored or Custom Printing on clear/colored film.


PVC shrink bag

PVC 收縮袋

Shrink tubular specially made into bag form, sealed on one end. Special sealing line to suit product shape (square or dome shape), can put vent hole on bag. Mostly used on shampoo push pump dispenser, sauce foodstuff, cleaners…etc. Good transparency, customer can see the packaged goods directly through film, water proof and dust proof packaging.



PVC / PET plain shrink film

PVC / PET 收縮膜

Clear shrink film for label print, the most economic and popular material for shrink sleeve. PVC is made of film blowing/extrusion, PET is cast film. It has superior transparency, high gloss, excellent printability, less statics, little lighting-spot and easy to adhere to it.

Specifications :









TD 50+/-3%

MD 0~3%

TD 65+/-3%, 75+/-3%

MD 0~3%





PE plain shrink film


The 3-layers extrusion film, has high shrinkage rate, good for 4-6-12-24 multi-packaging integrity and protection. High gloss exceptional transparency for clear product visibility and with excellent printability. The most competitive is high holding force, tightly bound, more efficient handling and storage of unit loads. Excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance for load stability, enable downgauging of thickness allows cost savings 10-25%.